T.E.A.M. Therapy

T.E.A.M. is a cutting-edge psychotherapy for the treatment of depression, anxiety, troubled relationships, habits/addiction and more.  It draws heavily on the techniques of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT).  This approach focuses on rapid change to bring about the results you desire.

  • Testing:  Rapid, reliable diagnosis and session-by-session assessment of both symptoms and      the therapeutic relationship.
  • Empathy:  Accurate, compassionate understanding of your unique problem or situation.
  • Agenda Setting:  Pinpoint resistance, boost motivation, figure out what is getting in the way of  change.
  • Methods:  Cognitive behavioral, interpersonal, psychodynamic, cognitive.


Therapy has Two Goals:  Feeling Better and Getting Better

Feeling better means that you overcome your symptoms and solve the problems that brought you to therapy.  If you’re suffering from depression or panic attacks, feeling better means that the depression and panic attacks will disappear.  Feeling better is tremendously important!

Getting better means that you learn the tools to deal with any emotional or relationship problems that might emerge in the future.  Reality is that we all run into bumps in the road from time to time, but if you know how to deal with painful mood swings or conflicts with other people they won’t be such a threat or a problem.

Before we end treatment, I’ll need at least on final session so I can teach you some relapse prevention techniques and review our work together.  If you ever need a tune-up in the future, you are welcome to return so we can nip the problem in the bud.  Concluding therapy gracefully with good feelings between the client and the therapist is a wonderful reward for hard work, I look forward to that moment with you.