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Allow me to say that   Michael@virtualtherapistnetworkcom   is so helpful, even if you are not Technically Inclined, (like me), Michael will go above and beyond to make online therapy the best experience it can be! Feel free to connect with him.  



For best results, this is what clients need:


  1. High-Speed Internet above 5Mbps download would be fine. I would feel safer with above 10 & 20 Mbps, but TECHNICALLY > 5Mbps is supposed to be fine because online video, if I remember right, uses about 4.5 Mbps.


You could always give your client this link and ask for their download/upload speed:


  1. Ideally, you would want both parties to be connected to the MODEM or Router via CAT5 cable for fastest connection


  1. The slower their download, the more you might want to remind them to keep family members off Netflix, YouTube, Skype, Xbox/PS4 during the session. As you remember, I had 5 videos going while talking to the first session and it still ran great.


  1. Certainly, a better computer with better CPU and Video Card will help, but this is simple video and will work on any computer quite frankly.


Remember, cable is notorious for slowing down for each consecutive person that is on it in the neighborhood. So, if you and your five neighbors are on the same line, the first person in the line will get the full speed with the next person in line suffering some degradation in speed if the first person has three members streaming video. That degradation continues for each user down the line to the last house.


Contact Michael for questions!


Michael Dirk

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